Rotary Screen Printing

      We are able to do Rotary Screen Printing, of up to 8 colours
      We have a huge existing library of screens for you to choose from.


      • This saves time in cutting and preparing new screens and saves the customer in screen costs. If the customer cannot find the design required or if it is a unique design required, new screens are made to customer specification. Please make an appointment with any of the sales team or view screenprints in the screen library.
      • These designs remain exclusive to that customer.
      • The rotary screens are ready to print so all the customer needs to supply is the preferred colours and the fabric.
      • We have a substantial amount of designs on the screen that are open to the trade and public to use.


      • This method of printing is the most modern system available today for production runs. This is the preferred printing technique for large runs and is also the most cost-effective on orders over 500 meters. Fabrics need to be PFP and once printed the fabrics are heat cured for wash fastness. A design library of existing rotary screens is available in order to save on new screen costs. 
      • Customization of new screens is easily done and remains exclusive to the customer.
      • Full coverage prints, vertical stripes, tight registration or intricate designs are more suited for rotary printing as screens are laser engraved ensuring accuracy and consistency.
      • There is a 300metres minimum and no maximum print run for our rotary.
      • It is designed for high quality and unmatched in speed technology.
      • Roll to roll printing, specializing in the fashion and home decor trade.



      • WHAT IS THE MINIMUM RUN? There is no minimum, but the price is reduced when printing over 750m 
      • WHAT SIZE SCREEN REPEAT CAN BE PRINTED? The design repeat must be fit in 16/32/64cm 
      • HOW LONG DO SAMPLING STRIKE OFFS TAKE? If on-screen it can take between 2-10 days. For new designs, it can take 4-14 days. 
      • IS THE PRINT WASH FAST? All PFP fabric is heat cured after printing and is washable. 
      • CAN WE BRING OUR OWN DESIGNS? Yes, you can bring your own designs or we have an art studio that can assist with designs.
      • WHAT TYPE OF ARTWORK OR FILE SHOULD I SEND? A Tiff or a Jpeg with a high resolution.
      • WHAT TYPE OF DESIGNS DO WE DO? We specialize in apparel and decor, but many other variances are done. 
      • DOES THE FABRIC SHRINK? The fabric may or may not shrink depending on the quality you can allow from 1-5%. 
      • HOW LONG DO NEW SCREENS TAKE TO PREPARE BEFORE PRINTING?New designs can take 3-10 days to prepare and engrave onto the screen. 
      • WHAT PRINT WIDTH CAN BE DONE ON ROTARY? Any width up to 180cm 
      • WHAT FABRIC/BASE CLOTH CAN WE PRINT ON? Cotton, cotton-blends, viscose, linen, lycra, etc…


      • WHAT IF I DO NOT HAVE DIGITAL MATERIAL?Then we can scan from the original artwork or make the artwork up from your sketch plans.

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