Waste Water Treatment

      Effluent Treatment Plant

      The purpose of the ETP (effluent treatment plant) is to treat effluent water coming from the dyehouse into good quality water that can be sent back for reuse. This method of water recycling reduces the amount of effluent being discharged, conservation of water and the cost of purchasing water from the municipality.

      The effluent water that is the feed for the ETP has high pH, COD, BOD, TDS and is strongly coloured, the pH is neutralized, water quality improved and the colour is removed during the various steps of treatment. The high purity of water is obtained in the final stage by reverse osmosis. The pH of the water is 6.50-7.00, water hardness is nil and the tds is below 100 mg/L which makes the water more purified than tap water. 90% of water is recovered by the ETP.

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