Tubular and opened width fabrics finishing process

1. Yarnstore

The yarn is stored and ordered by knitting.

2. Knitting Department

Knitting produces fabric into bales.

3. Fabric Stores

Fabric bales are stored an ordered by dyehouse.

4. Preparation Machine

Prepares bales for dyeing machines, for easy loading.

5. Dyehouse Department

Fabric are dyed in different machines as per load size .

6a. Slitting Machine - Open Width

Slits fabric into open width for stenter to finish.

7a. Stenter

The fabric is finished according to specifications.

8a. Inspection

The fabric is inspected.

9.a/9.b Quality Control Office

Fabric undergoes a final inspection.

10. Dispatch Department

Fabrics are checked if passed, processed for delivery.