JMV TEXTILES GROUP, one of the country’s leading Textile and Clothing Manufacturers, is celebrating its 40th Anniversary - a significant milestone in an industry that has undergone turbulent changes in the last two decades. Established in 1971, the Group began as small, circular knitted fabrics manufacturers with one machine.

Today, it consists of three complementary companies -JMV Textiles (Pty) Ltd, Polydye (Pty) Ltd and Solar Sport Manufacturers (Pty) Ltd - producing a vast varied range of yarns, fabrics and finished garments. JMV Textiles Manufactures knitted fabrics and offer screen-printing, dyeing, and finishing. Polydye supplies polyester and nylon textured filament yarns (both dyed and natural) as well as dyed acrylic, poly cotton, cotton, and viscose yarns. Completing the picture, Solar Sport Manufactures ladies’ and men’s fashion and sportswear as well as men’s corporate wear.

The Group is South Africa’s only BEE vertical textile company, with its entire operation strategically housed in one Verulam premises, located in close proximity to both harbor and airport. The Group - which was founded by the current Managing Director, Mr. Jay M Valjee and his brothers Choonilall Valjee (late), Avia Valjee, Haresh Valjee, Manna Valjee, and Suresh Valjee - has remained a family business throughout its existence. Our business mission remains to operate as a family-owned fabric manufacturing business enterprise based on value, quality, and service which will be of benefit to our customers, staff, and shareholders.

This hands-on management from our shareholders guarantees customer satisfaction and assures them of personalized attention, quality and good value for money. The aim is to continue leading the way as a cost-effective, professional and proactive vertical source of garments.

The group’s continued focus on competitive pricing, innovation, superior quality, and efficiency together with its on-going investment in new technology, has provided it with a competitive edge and helped it to thrive in an industry that has been plagued by failures. The group places a high priority on quality and boasts its own in-house lab testing facilities. Its manufacturing processes conform to all major chain store requirements and the group holds certificates of quality compliance from all leading retailers including Woolworths, Edcon Correlated, Mr. Price and Identity.

It also manufactures for high profile sports brands. “No order is too big or too small – and we take great pride in our ability to efficiently turn around orders and deliver on time,” continues Ajit, adding that the group’s loyal staff and specialized management team play a significant role in the company’s continued success. As far as the road ahead is concerned, we will continue placing emphasis on quality and efficiency.